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Gamme complète d'équilibreurs de charge à ressort de marque Tecna, idéal pour soulever des charges de toutes tailles.
Certains modèles sont disponibles avec un système d'arrêt, équivalent à un cliquet d'arrêt.


  • Spring balancer

    Tecna tool rope balancers, from 0 to 300kg, with a stroke up to 8 meters.

    Balancers maintain the hand tool in a position to minimize operator effort. They can be used for different industrial applications where operators frequently use heavy hand tools in the same position.

    They also make tools weightless, reduce operator tiredness, and improve safety and ergonomy. When properly balanced using spring tension, tool rope balancers release the operator form weight and can be moved with the minimal effort. This prevents tools from falling accidentally reducing damage.

  • ATEX spring balancer

    Tecna spring balancer with ATEX standard (explosion proof), from 0.2 to 180kg, with a stroke up to 3m.

    The explosion-resistant TECNA tool rope balancers are perfect for installation in hazardous conditions. It includes explosive areas containing flammable gases or combustible dusts. TECNA explosion proof balancers are ATEX certified according to Ex II 2G c T6 and Ex II 2D c T85 ° C standards.

  • Hose balancers

    For rational workstations equipment.

    Uses: Screwdrivers - Drills - Pneumatic shears - Electronic tools - Blow guns

    TECNA 9200 air spring balancers are designed for use with lightweight tool where balancing and clear working space are important. air pipe balancers have an aluminum body and polyurethane air hose with 1/4" threated inlet/outlet. This configuration suspends the tools and feeds them into the air.

  • Stainless balancers...

    Stainless steel / aluminum spring load balancer for the food industry

    Ideal for the meat processing industry

    By using food grade grease (IFS compliant) and stainless materials, the use of Kromer quality products now also meets the strict guidelines of the food industry.

    The proven basic principle of Kromer products is on its food-grade stainless steel construction: heavy-duty applications, such as saws for the meat-cutting process, are distanced from the stainless steel spring balancer in the position Need for the user, and thus can operate without any problems. Ergonomics as well as the workflow in production can be improved by incorporating Kromer balancers into the production process chain.

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